Saturday, 25 July 2009

Need a little help from my friends....

Hello :)

So, dont really know where to start this post...think i am just looking for reassurance, advice, well wishes, support, you name it anything positive i need it!

Im doing it girls, im actually doing it this trying to gain health...i was doing well, eating more, socialising more, truly WANTING to do this for my future..but all of a sudden my mind has hit a low....questions spinning round my head..why are you doing this? do you even feel happier? is your life going to be better with out ED? your losing control! blah blah blah....I spoke to my therapist and he said that the gaining process is the have been so used to being underweight, seeing yourself look like that and when you try to gain you have no time to get used to gradually having a bigger body as you have to keep gaining till you hit your goal..only then can you start getting used to a healthy whilst were gaining, were constantly going through different hormonal imbalances, emotions untill we get to our set point... Thats why some people relapse, thats why i have relapsed before...because i couldnt get used to my everchanging body..i never allowed myself to get to my set point and im scared...scared that i wont feel better when im there and scared that i wont have the mindset to conquer all my dreams...for those that are gaining health, what makes you carry on? for those that are at a healthy weight, is it worth it? is life better for you?


Thanks for your advice girls...we need to do put a stop to ed's XXXXXX

Friday, 17 July 2009

quotes xx

Hello beauties...

Just a few quotes to share that i have heard this past couple of weeks from some wonderful people :)

'life is what you make it'
' people who dont love you when you are better and the real you, were never friends in the first place'
'health is the key to happiness'
'if you stay as you are, your life will never change, you will always feel this way, if you take the chance to change, you are giving happiness a chance too'
'everyone has ups and downs, thats just life'
' how you deal with your ups and downs can shape your life'
' you have a future ahead of you, full to make new memories and experiences'
' being ill effects the people who love you too, not you'
' do the opposite to what ED says and you will feel empowered'
' for every one negative, think of ten positives'
' love what you have and who you are'
think of the bigger picture'
your in the weeds right nowe but there is a green field full of flowers waiting for you'
' people are less likely to want to see you now as it is awkward, people will always want to be with you when you get yourself back'
' remember the past, it shapes you, but now live for the future'
'wat doesnt break you only makes you stronger'
' make your dreams realilty'
' your future can be filled with great things, if you let it'
'show everyone who ever doubted you that you can get better'
' allow people back in, allow them to get close'
' getting better doesnt automatically equal happiness but you have the best chance at happiness, if you dont get better there is no chance to be happy'
'take the leap of faith'
'trust yourself and the people who love you, not ED'
'feel love for being you, not because people worry about you'
' you cant have the life you want like this'
'think of your future children'
' you need to get healthy so you can work on your problems with a clearer mind'
'you need to tackle your problems not run or hide or block them out, they will only come back if they are never tackled'
'everyone deserves to be happy including you'

i have more to share..will be back with more :)

love you all, keeping living for your dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxx