Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dont be scared to be beautiful...

Lets not be afraid to be beautiful..
Lets not be afraid to shine...
Lets not be afriad to flaunt womanly curves...
Lets not be afraid to speak our mind..
Lets not be afraid to love..
Lets not be afraid to live..
Lets not be afraid to have fun..
Lets not be afraid to face fears..
Lets not be afraid to feel uncomfortable..
Lets not be afraid to chase dreams..
Lets not be afraid to form friendships..
Let not be afraid to laugh..
Lets not be afraid of freedom..

You know it really hit home the other day...someone said to me 'u would be so beautiful if you were at a healthy weight'...even though my ED is more than just physical and i am struggling mentally...i always think to myself 'your gonna balloon' 'your not going to be loved when your healthy' but the truth is..i will look so muh fact i may even be beautiful :)


Friday, 22 May 2009

Taking the plunge...

I have been talking the talk for far too advice, telling others what i should tell myself...

I am now going to walk the scared, confused, already thinking of excuses but i want this..i can feel it this time...i dont want ED in my life anymore...It brings nothing but self hate, doubt, loneliness and heartache...I deserve more..I deserve to enjoy what ever time i have left...One reason i have kept ED with me for so long, is i am afraid people wont care for me anymore if im not, people will care for me more because i will actually see them and be able to give my all in friendships and relationships!i will be engaging and not just present, in order to realise people will still love me i have to get to the place im frightened off and realise that i was worried about nothing!

Its time to face my fears...yes there will be challenges but im going to embrace them with all my determination and strength...ED tells me i have been doing fine like this for so long but i want more...I did an exercise last night...i wrote a list of my typical day (with ED) and my typical day (without ED) with ED i am boring, structured, stuck in routines and not living...without ED i can be free, fun, spontaneous and enjoying whatever each new day brings!

I hope i can do this....any advice would be greatly appreciated...i would love to hear how you all push through and embrace getting healthy both body and mind!

Love you all xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Il be back :)


I have so much to talk, express, moan, praise about! I have missed you all so much..

I will be back ASAP with a huge post!! i need to tell you about my life, and i could do with some inspiration...Thanks to your blogs, your keeping me going!

Love you all xxxxxxxxxxx