Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dont be scared to be beautiful...

Lets not be afraid to be beautiful..
Lets not be afraid to shine...
Lets not be afriad to flaunt womanly curves...
Lets not be afraid to speak our mind..
Lets not be afraid to love..
Lets not be afraid to live..
Lets not be afraid to have fun..
Lets not be afraid to face fears..
Lets not be afraid to feel uncomfortable..
Lets not be afraid to chase dreams..
Lets not be afraid to form friendships..
Let not be afraid to laugh..
Lets not be afraid of freedom..

You know it really hit home the other day...someone said to me 'u would be so beautiful if you were at a healthy weight'...even though my ED is more than just physical and i am struggling mentally...i always think to myself 'your gonna balloon' 'your not going to be loved when your healthy' but the truth is..i will look so muh fact i may even be beautiful :)



  1. though you are already extremely beautiful on the inside - i know you have the potential to be so much more gorgeous on the outside.. you have a glow, a contagious smile, but it gets lost in the depths of our ED's ... gaining weight is not all about putting on pounds.. it's about rediscovering that glow, that smile.. let yourself shine, girl :)

  2. Ah, I totally know that feeling. Believe me, when I was at college in 2007, the boys at my art table used to fight over who was taking me out for 10 dinners and a dessert that night lol. I beleive it was "You've got such a pretty face. if we could get 20 pounds on you, you'd be a knockout." :sigh:
    I am glad that you posted this, its beautifully written and SO true.
    BTW. I believe "Beautiful" will be an understatement when you are healthy. Because who you are in the inside will outshine the ED, and you will no longer be living in a shadow. Plus, I truly think overcoming something like this gives one a certain spark in their eyes, like a zest and a strength that other people never get to feel. You can do this, no matter what anorexia says.
    <3 Tori

  3. I think we're all beautiful inside...but by starving ourselves and making ourselves sick we're not letting this "show" on the outside.

  4. i am very very sure that you will be beautiful inside out when are happy with yourself. i know you can do this! keep fighting until you are where you want to be love

  5. I really love that poem, did you write it? Lovely.
    Keep on, keepin' on beautiful! xoxo t

  6. I came across your blog from Debbie's, I must say that this is such a beautiful post... and it is so true!
    Did you write that poem?
    Keep moving forward, girl!
    I'll be reading your blog often, for sure :)
    <3 Karina

  7. I think the same way, that if I gain weight I'll balloon and be really unattractive. But I've been way down low and I've gained the weight back and now gone down a bit again and I guess, as far as other people go they always seem to see me in the same way. Ugh, it's hard to tell. My mind is of course paranoid and tells me they're looking at me differently, they've noticed I've gained. But maybe they're just looking at me like that because they think I'm prettier.