Monday, 22 June 2009


im doing it taking the leap of faith and there is no going back...i just want to thank you all out know who you have made me see things how they are and how i have a way to go but i can get there with this community behind me, my family, friends and inner strength...

its going to be tough, but im kind of excited?! excited to find myself, rediscover life, enjoy the journey and embrace thoughts and feelings without hiding behind ed...i have so much to be thankful for and at the age of 23, i have wasted to much valuable time giving into ed! it is time to live, love, laugh and sort myself!

I am going to get healthy for myself, my body, my mind, my soul and for everyone out there who cares about me... i want to have beautiful, healthy children in the future....i owe it to my unborn...

and for everyone out there struggling...remember we have the power to change things, we have the power to make things better, we have the power to be happy and we have the power to choose our chosen path...and most of all we have the power to take the leap of faith and discover that even though things may get really uncomfortable at times, we have friends as living proof that getting healthy makes us feel so much better in our skin and minds!

we can all do this, and we have each other every step of the matter how much ed tells you it is safer with him, it is only safe in the sense that you will be is not safe for your body and health, it is not safe for your mind and thoughts and it is not safe for allowing people to get to know and love the real you...ed has no positives, life does :) xxxxxxxxx


  1. i agree 100% to all of the things you mentioned above. keep staying on track my love and the world will shine for you :)

  2. yay! ::hugs:: I am so glad for you. Your life is worth to be living, full of fun and dance and all the wonderful things you deserve, and none of what the ED brings. I know you can beat this. You've had the power and the strength to all along - and I'm glad that now you've found the confidence as well.

  3. I love you <3

    I'm so so so proud of you!

  4. That's a beautiful decision to make!

    I'm so happy for you!

    Keep going!

    Egg Beaten Angel

  5. OMG yayy! This was the best way to start my day today! I woke up to this amazingly beautiful, uplifting, positive, and meaningful message. You can do this and we are all here as you start on this journey. The power has and always will lie from's whether you take control of that inner strength and use it for the better. You CAN and WILL beat this. You are going to gain such an incredible life by doing so and you will find happiness that you never knew even existed. I cannot wait to hear about all the wonders of life that it will bring you! SOO proud of you! :) <3

  6. yay!!!!!! i am so so so very proud of you! we can all get through this! love you girl!



  7. Lovely post, I hope all is well!
    Take care.

  8. yay! you can do it! WE can all do this!