Monday, 26 January 2009

The year of the Ox :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I am really believing in fate and signs at the moment, i find it so surreal that i have chosen this year to get better and find myself and it is the year of the Ox, and that is when i was born!

So i have just come back from a lovely holiday with my great boyfriend, and i had a wonderful time. Unfortunately ED was present at times, causing me to restrict as i couldnt weigh, judge certain calories etc, so this caused me to compensae and prob have less than i should and i didnt choose things for me, probably chose what ED wants. I have learnt from this though and it has just made me stronger for my next holiday so i can enjoy it to the full!

I am so determined than ever to get better, for my family, boyfriend, friends, people who look up to me but mainly for MYSELF. i have learnt from some great blogs and lovely emails i have received that you have to do it for yourself and find your inner strength. You have to be your own rock, best friend and treat yourself how you would treat others. I know it isnt going to be easy but i have so many goals to work towards and so much i want to do with my life, and im sorry but ED just doesnt feature!

Would love to hear how you girls deal with your holidays and whether we have any positive quotes, pictures, affirmations for the New Chinese Year! xoxo


  1. hi girlie,
    welcome to the blogging world :) thanks for the comment!!
    its great youve started on this journey towards recovery and happiness!!
    cant wait to read more

  2. welcome lady! can't wait to hear more