Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dear ED..

Dear ED,

'I hate you'..There you go i said it, words you thought I would never say, too scared to admit in case i lost control..But i can admit it now..There is nothing I want from you anymore, you make my life hell and cause me to be a person i can never be proud of...

You are like the class bully, people pretend to be friends with you, but deep down they are just not scared anymore..i dont want know i have trouble telling people how i really feel in case i upset them but now im showing bring nothing to my life worth holding on to...yea you let me think i am in control if i obey you, but its all fact i couldnt be more out of control, watching the supposedly best years of my life pass before my eyes...

What gives you the right to think you can treat me this way? i wouldnt treat my worst enemy like this....and you call me a friend?! LIAR! I know that now....your a manipulative liar and im not falling for it anymore...

You make me a person i dont want to know, or be around and that is not fair...i have so much to offer and i want to shine in a way only i know cant bring me down anymore...

I wish we had never met, but you know, it happened and now i can be stronger than ever before knowing that i dont need you in my life...your screams are getting louder...but i wont listen...i wont listen...

For now and forever...Good riddance ED!

Thank you girls for all your comments on my last post...each one touched my heart xxxxx


  1. Wow. What a powerful letter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I like how you wrote: "What gives you the right to think you can treat me this way? i wouldnt treat my worst enemy like this....and you call me a friend?! LIAR! I know that now....your a manipulative liar and im not falling for it anymore..." I totally feel the same way. He's such a god damn liar and we shouldn't be listening to him anymore. This letter was so inspiring, girl. I loved reading it. Thank you again for your words, your support, and your constant love and care. I am so glad to have you in my life.
    Love love love,

  2. I hope you can hang on to how you felt when you wrote this. It's absolutely true, the eating disorder is a liar and you deserve far better. Well done for posting this, it was really good to read :)

  3. Hannah,
    This post is so empowering.. you are such a strong woman and your courage really radiates through this letter.. save this, read it often, and remind yourself of how you are feeling right now. ED is strong - but YOU are stronger!

    have a great Sunday and keep fighting beautiful <3 love you! xoxo

  4. This is a great letter. You are strong and can get rid of ED! I feel like I should write one of these.

  5. Beautiful letter girlie- yes, keep knocking down your ED and try to gain health so you can live your life to the fullest! :-D

  6. hi girlie
    im sorry i missed your last post,but im glad yo got alot of support and feel better :)
    this letter is absolutely amazing, so truthful!
    keep beating ed hun, your moving along so fast :)

  7. You're inspiring me to write a letter too. This is amazing and I'm so glad you could articulate these feelings; a lot of what you said definitely resonates in me too! You're beautiful and strong, and I'm proud of you. : )

  8. This letter almost brought tears to my eyes..your strength is truly admirable and inspirational. Yes, there will be times when ED's voice is louder, but you do what you have to fight as hard as possible. And that is what you're doing. =)There is so much life for you awaiting away from ED and your obvious determination will "Save the day"! You're amazing. I hope you have a good week!

  9. So inspiring. Honestly. ED IS a liar, and NEVER forget that!!!

  10. Beautifully written.
    EDs voice is only a whisper that you can't hear...

  11. hey there,
    thats a great post! i hope you felt better after writing this. just remember that the ED is all in our heads. no one is actually there telling us to do all these things its just US. we have started to listen to this negative voice that's in our head. i know you're strong enough to overcome it :)
    have a lovely day love

  12. hey girl! that was such a beautiful post! i hope that you got much of your frustration out throught that. You are so much stronger than ED try and listen to the healthyy voice. xxMeagan