Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A-Z of what I want from life...

After reading the wonderful Ellie's post i decided to do my own version of an A-Z of Happiness...

Mine is an A-Z of what I want from life

A- Adventure. Making the most of life and everything it has to offer.
B- Believing i am Beautiful. We are all so Beautiful..and what what makes this is our quirks and uniqueness
C- Communication with loved ones and my inner self. This is one thing i miss and want back. So badly. to be in touch with my loved ones and not fear answering the phone or believing what I really want.
D- Dance. My Love. ED will not take my passion for dance away...
E- Energy! I want to be alive again and not always tired and cold and uncomfortable..i want to be able to jump aroud and be full of beans!
F- FUN! This is a big one for me as i know deep down i am fun loving and that is what makes me feel myself.
G- Girlie times- I want to be able to hang with my girlfriends and be totally focussed on my friendships..
H- Happiness...All i have ever wanted is to be truly happy...whatever it brings...
I-Ice Cream...Ben and Jerrys...Nuff said..
J- Jokes...I love to laugh..you know the laughing so hard it hurts? i LOVE it :)
K-Kindness...to myself...im not so bad :)
L- LOVE...What is there without love? self love? friendship? cuddly love? whatever form i LOVE it..
M-Memories..I want to make memories and look back with a huge smile on my face, knowing i did all i could.
N- Naughtiness..We have to break rules sometimes right? especially in the face of ED.
O- Optimism...remember things could always be worse...i need to be thankful for what i have.
P- Parties! I am a party animal and i want to truly enjoy myself with no worries!
Q- Quirkiness....We all have those traits that make us who we are and who we should embrace.
R- Relaxation...I need to listen to what my body is telling me and honour it..
S- Sexy..I want to feel sexy and embrace my body with confidence!
T- True emotions...I want to go through life feeling true emotion...Feel the pain, happiness, joy, nerves everything that comes with everyday life.
U- Undying love...FOR MYSELF.
V- Vitality...i dont want to feel rundown or ill..I need to be healthy.
W- Wedding...equals family, love, home, partnership. Giving yourself to someone who loves you for you.
X- Xcitment! Life is for living to the fullest..LIVE LOVE LAUGH
Y- Yelling from the rooftops.....Feeling pure freedom.
Z- ZZZZZ...sleeping in a cosy bed with not a worry in the world..

I could do so many more for each letter...Hace a go, its really great :)

Thanks again for inspiring me Ellie, Its what i really needed xxxxxx


  1. this is such a GREAT list!!! i think all of us should do one of these!!!

  2. such a great list! thanks for sharing!

  3. Your list is great! It inspires me to one.

  4. what a beautiful list, hannah- and i have no doubt in my mind that you will be able to get all of those things and more =)! <3 love you! xoxo

  5. Wonderful list. I know that you will accomplish all of these; keep this list in the front of your mind everytime ED enters. Pick a letter to work on every few days. Keep on fighting.
    Take care

  6. This is so inspiring. I think you should look at this list everyday to help you remember all of the things you're fighting for.
    Love ya,

  7. I love it!! Makes me realize all the things I have to be grateful for/want to gain. Thanks for sharing-I know someday soon all of these things will be a reality for you! Take care :)

  8. beautiful my dear :) enjoyed reading this. xxx

  9. hi hun
    wow this is a great idea :)
    I love E, T and W :)
    have a great week sweetheart, stay positive :) your doing awesome!
    much love