Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Help? Anyone?


Girls, im really struggling...i just wondered if anyone had any advice..i want to ask for help now sooner rather than later and as much as my family and friends try, they just havent experienced it...Also my therapy is cancelled for 3 weeks as my therapist's wife has just had a baby :).

I just dont want to go back...But im so scared of going forward and the fight in me is getting less and less and i dont know why...i was so positive...i still am inside...i just want 'me' back...

Hope your all ok and even if im not commenting on all your posts, i read them and love each and everyone of you xxx


  1. I am sorry you are struggling <3 I'm in the UK too so we probably get online at similar times of day, if you want to talk my MSN is
    I know how hard recovery is but please try and keep why you're doing this in the front of your mind. It's painful in the short term but it will pay off if you stick with it. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. Stay motivated, even when things get rough--trust me, I have been through those cycles where it just seems way too much to balance and fight against, but you have to keep believing it's worth it even in the moments where you lose sight of that. Gmail me if you need to vent or just need support of any kind. Things will get better again, hon.

  3. You have to keep you're head above water even if you feel like giving up. I believe everyone was put on this earth to do something good. Your blog has kept me going when I am down. So keep fighting the good fight.

  4. I am so so sorry that you are struggling sweetie! What helps me is keeping busy so that I don't think about it. Try to do something that is relaxing and fun, whether that's hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing video games, coloring, whatever. Do something that keeps your mind occupied.

    And keep reminding yourself that not only is recovery worth the process, but you are worth it. You deserve so much more!!!

    Keep fighting and work through it. I know you can!

  5. Eyes on the prize: what do you really want in recovery? What can you do if you're recovered/in recovery that you can't do while in the midst of an eating disorder?

  6. I'm so sorry you're having a hard time babe. When ever I'm feeling scared about recovery I...
    -look at quotes/affirmations
    -create (art, music, etc.)
    -sit outside and notice my surroundings
    -write down a list of motivations for recovery
    -look at blogs


    I hope this helps, I love you girl. Stay strong!

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  8. I'm sorry you're struggling - it seems overwhelming when Ed's voice is suddenly louder than our own. One thing that I've found to be really helpful is to write a big list of all the things I AM: - sometimes i just start off with adjectives, then move on from there. I also made a list of all the things I WANT to do with my life that Ed prevents me from doing - when I look at all these, I realize how much I have to work for and keep pushing forward.

    Stay strong :)

  9. It's okay to struggle, recovery is full of ups and downs. And baby steps are okay...just keep doing the best you can.
    I know that it just seems impossible to let ED go, but you don't need to do it alone, nor do you need to do it all at once. We are all here for you.
    Take care, keep on fighting, you are strong and you can do it.

  10. This is such a hard battle. ED is a strong force, and he causes us to struggle daily. Stay strong beautiful and BELIEVE in yourself. I know recovery can seem scary, but we all have the strength to overcome our obstacles and prevail. We NEED to get rid of ED for good and life live the the fullest. Recovery is not easy and of course we have our ups and downs, but I truly know we can do it!

    I am here for you as I deal with many of the same issue.

    Love to you beautiful. xoxo

  11. This is merely a lapse - expect the feeling like crap, expect the anxiety. But know that it seems stronger because you are GETTING stronger. You're fighting, hard. You are NOT your disorder. You're you. No matter what, your sense of self will always be there. There is so so much to look forward to. =)

  12. Question: Where will you be in ten years WITH Ed?

    Write it out Mama.

    Next: Where will you be in ten years WITHOUT Ed?

    You are the only one that can do this. YOU have the power, no one else. If we see this as a mountain climb, it sure as hell will feel like one, my sweet. BUT if we see this as a blessing - A situation where WE HAVE THE POWER TO RECOVER FROM OUR ILLNESS, when so many do not (cancer, etc), it IS a GIFT. See it as that and remind yourself that you are BLESSED with this ability to do extraordinary things. Allow yourself to shine. You are safe to. You know I am ALWAYS HERE if and when you need me. Love to you babygirl <3 And REMEMBER: You are safe with YOU by your side. Cheer yourself on and cherish it. YOU CAN DO THIS. AND YOU WILL. SMILE AT FEAR. <333

  13. sorry you are havin a rough time girl. hang in there-- it will get better-- look for the beauty in each moment... y ou can do this. xo

  14. oh no! hang on there, girl! meanwhile, maybe check out my blog here: and I posted about recovery and relapses. hope they help...