Thursday, 5 February 2009

Forward Thinking...

Hello my lovely bloggers!!

I just want to say i am so proud of my fellow blogging ladies in soooooo many ways...i cant express how much of an inspiration you girls are to me, to move forward, learn from mistakes, not beat myself up and see that recovery is possible and reachable. I am soooo happy for Jaime and Amy following their recent posts...such great news :)

Also, in response to Amy's recent post about 'putting ED on the spot'...i think this is a really good idea...i was advised by my step dad, to everytime ED speaks, recognise this and say to yourself 'ok, im having one of these thoughts!' or make the thoughts speak in a funny vioce so you cant take them seriously! usually, and i agree with this aswell, we are told to ignore these negative thoughts but sometimes if we recognise them we can see that they are irrational and not to be believed...

I was also thinking quite abit about body dismorphia, i find it really quite strange how our brains work...i mean, to me i cant really see the 'skinny' person everyone else see's yet i agree with the masses when they comment on certain celebs etc...also, i think the celebrities that are known for their curves look absolutely fantastic yet i cant find that same love for myself and embrace being a woman i suppose...i am working on it though :)

what are your thoughts on body dismorphi and negative thoughts? would love to hear your experiences :)

Have a great day girlies :) xxxxx


  1. I agree with putting ED on the spot! I mean, ED is so illogical and if you really analyze and stop to think what ED is telling you, you come to realize how incredibly STUPID ED is!!!
    As for body dysmorphia, where do I start? I HATE my body and the only time I can look at myself and be content is when it’s covered completely, and even then it’s only about 15% of the time I am content. Yet friends and my boyfriend can tell me I am beautiful, and I have stopped trying to argue because I know arguing gets me no where and I mean it. And I look at women that are curvy and think they are BEAUTIFUL! Like America Ferrara from Ugly Betty? Or Dr. Torres from Grey’s Anatomy? (I guess I am thinking of those since they’re on tonight?) I mean they both probably weigh more than I do, but they are gorgeous and yet in my mind I am ugly.
    And another thing is I am subject to the same social pressures and medica content as so many of my friends, and my sister and I even grew up watching the same things and living in the same environment. Yet she doesn’t have these issues with body dysmorphia and so many other of my friends don’t either, at least not to the extent I do (really, basically all women have issues of their body they aren’t happy with but they don’t think they are UGLY per se). So those are my 2 cents, or 3, 4 or 5 cents, lol.

  2. hey girl!!
    i think body dismorphia is definitely a super scary thing! i think in this situations it's important to look at yourself from an outward look at yourself as you would look at someone else. I've gotten many reality checks through looking at pictures and realizing just how thin i really am!

    have a beautiful day love :) xoxo

  3. hi!!

    i LOVE what you said about consciously stopping ED thoughts as soon as you become aware of them - what a powerful thing to do, to exert control over what normally controls YOU! that's awesome =)

    body dismorphia is overwhelming, scary thing. i am trying really hard to look inward, to realize more about who i am inside and to stop judging my outer appearance - that being said, i definitely have experienced times where i get a wake up call and see how tiny i am in actuality, how i don't need to worry about calories or fat or whatever! it's a hard thing to overcome, but we're getting there!

    hope you have a great night! xo

  4. Hey!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm really excited to be connecting with other people who can relate to what I'm going through.

    As far as body dysmorphia goes, it really is a powerful force to reckon with. As part of my recovery, I really want to get in shape and gain weight while staying lean/toned. This seems easy enough (go to the gym, dur) but when I've tried to go, all I can think about is what other people must think of me and how thin I am, so I get uber self-conscious and end up staying home.

    So, I know that I'm too thin to look like it's healthy for me to be working out, yet I struggle every day to eat normally and to convince myself that adding another schmear of hummus to my sandwich isn't going to cause me to pack on five pounds (even though I could stand to gain 25).

    We just have to take one day at a time and stay focused on beating Ed :)

    Have a wonderful evening!

  5. Hi there! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the lovely secret cupid present! It was a great surprise today, and I LOVE photo frames! That is such a nice one, too. It was a very lovely gift :)
    I love your Tinkerbell at the top of the page. I've been reading through your posts and it looks like you are winning the war against your ED. Congratulations on having such strength and determination!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog, it is great to connect with new people!! I really appreciate the strength you've shown in facing your ED head on-keep on challenging!!

    My therapist put fighting the negative "voices" that are so present in eating disorders in a perspective that really made me think last time I met with her...she asked me to give the thoughts a name in the form of a book title. It sounded cheesy at first, but when I really considered it, the results were amazing...and I discovered I not only had ONE book title but MANY, and it was incredible just to give them labels and recognize them, and helped me sooo much this week to start to fight them! She also had me name the second volume, a book that might not be published yet but is coming soon, and this one is the POSITIVE thoughts that I will someday have...just an idea for another way to combat ED!

    Hope your week is going well, thanks for the insightful posts!

  7. I started off with just "I will never be good enough." After talking about it a bit, I realized I have SO many book titles that are all "I will never be _______ enough." They range from "I will never be skinny enough" to "I will never be successful enough" to "I will never be happy enough." Pinning these "titles" down helped so much because some are bigger books than others...for example, my therapist pointed out that the "skinny enough" book is part of my coping for some of the OTHER books, like "I will never be happy enough". Just sorting through these in terms that are a little bit removed from myself was a silly as it is, thinking of my thoughts as volumes on a shelf allowed me to be slightly more objective than I would have otherwise.

    Oh, and I had a REALLY hard time coming up with the positive title for my book, but my therapist, who I love and is hilarious, suggested, "I MIGHT be ______ enough", and once I can grasp that one, the soon to be released "I AM ______ enough".

    Sorry this is kind of rambling, hope it helps a tiny bit!