Monday, 2 March 2009

Any advice?


Hope everyone is ok and had a great weekend :) Mine hs been a busy one filled with dance rehearsals and more dancing on sat night :)

I have my dance show a week today and I am very excited but nervous too! Also my back has been playing up and i just hope it can cope with the next couple of weeks as i have many hours dancing...time will tell!

So, just wondered if i could ask you lovelies for some advice? Basically i am coming to the realisation that to get better, physically and mentally, i need to gain weight...whether i like it or has to happen for full recovery, and that is what i am striving for.
The thing is, i feel i cant eat the things i 'want' and 'like' without ballooning out of control...i know this is silly, but in the past i have let myself have something 'nice' and weighed myself the next day and shock horror gained...The therapist said this is because my body needs it and because after restricting for so long my body is clinging onto any food it can...I have read loads of posts that people are eating more but not gaining, but i feel i am going to eat more and just keep gaining...any words of wisdom, to enjoy good food but not worry about spiralling out of control??

Sorry about this, its just causing my anxiety that i want to get rid off!

Thank you :) Have a lovely day everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. LoveBug... Okay, I think you will be so much better off seeing an RD. The fact is that the body WILL react this way... When you see malnourished children, you see that they have distended tummies. The body conserves its energy around the essential organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.). Yes, the body begins to digest itself when it does not have enough food, but it will digest the muscles first, and that includes your precious heart. SO, the body, once fed will overreach its target because it is desperately crying out to conserve its Energy sources, but then will taper back down NATURALLY. This would be so much easier to handle with an RD whom you trust and feel safe with... X0X0

  2. Heya girl-
    Yea for the dancing, I envy you for finding a passion you really enjoy! As for the gaining, you do gain health in the begining more becasue you body is dying function properly and becasue it is underwieght your metabolism is stunted... but once you get closer and closer you'll have the joy of not worrying about it and finding your true self free of ED without worrying about the # and your body will probably function more regularly... keep up the positive attitude, I know you can do it! Lots of love, Laci ;)

  3. I've been facing the EXACT same thing...gaining seems pretty overwhelming! Do you have a nutritionist? I have my first appointment with one this week, and I'm really hoping that will help shed some light on things...if I learn anything earth shattering I'll let you know :)

    We CAN do this-keep up the positive thinking!! Happy Monday!

  4. hi, i was just blog browsing and came across yours. (i love tinkerbell and the flashy fairy caught my eye)
    I had major issues with gaining weight too. I think it's the hardest part when it comes to recovery. the thing my roommate keeps telling me to reassure me is that the more regularly you eat the faster your metabolism will get and then you can settle back in a happy weight while working out and eating right. stay strong. i hate gaining weight and i always spiral into a minidepression when the scale goes up. stay healthy and stay positive :D

  5. Hey girl, I hope your dance show goes well next week! Can't wait to hear about it. Realizing that you need to gain is definitely hard. And your therapist is right, when your body goes into starvation mode, it does cling on to calorie dense foods because it needs nourishment. So, if I were you, I would ask your nutritionist (if you have one) for a meal plan (if you don't have one already). A nutritionist can tailor a meal plan to meet your needs and make your metabolism work correctly, and then there's no need to worry about "good" or "bad" foods. I'm continuously striving to stop labeling foods as good and bad because they are all just food. Food that fuels your body so you can dance like no one's watching :) !! Your body will take what it needs from all foods in order to function properly. I hope this helps!
    Love you,

  6. Gaining weight is a scary, scary thing. Espeically when you think it will never stop. But that is not true, it will stop. Your body is confused and it will take time to adjust, but it will even out with time.
    If you can, I would work with a nutritionist. They can help you determine how much you need to eat to gain at a healthy pace.
    Honestly, it is still hard for me to not worry about gaining weight when I eat what I want--or foods the ED considers bad. But, I have find that it just helps to do it! Yes, the thoughts are still there, but doing it is a big accomplishment. I know it sounds so easy to do in theory, but so hard.
    I can relate to comparing myself to other girls here in blogworld, I sometimes feel jeleous that it seems like they are eating so much and say they aren't gaining weight. But then I remind myself that every body is different.
    You need to noursih your body, you deserve it.
    The thoughts are always the last to go, but by changing the behavior and actually eating more- eventually the ED thoughts will just be a whisper.
    Thank you for your honesty.

  7. girl friend! i was in the same problem..

    i wanted to gain but yet when i did eat what i loved again i was gaining back drastically and fast but you know what, that just means you were missing so much ..your body is trying to stabilize itself.. build its metabolism back up!
    once you get to a healthy weight it will stop (GOD i did NOT believe that at first but its SO TRUE!)

    youre only gaining so much because its compensating for what you lost soo quickly!

    it will even out!


    lovee ya

  8. Your body will balance out, don't you worry!!! You just need to eat well and let your body do what it NEEDS to do with the food. Trust your's an amazing thing and if it's gaining weight faster than you would like, then so be it- it MUST have a reason for it right?!

    Just focus on the experience and company and other things besides the calories/weight gain!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!! <3