Tuesday, 17 March 2009


My Starsign is Scorpio and this is what i read today..i never read my starsign but for some reason i decided to today, this is what it said...

' Things are about to get a whole lot easier. No, really, they are. But i suppose this is abit like saying to someone, in the middle of a thunderstorm, that things are soon going to get a whole lot drier. More rain may yet lie ahead. The skies are still far from blue. Nonetheless the future contains less stress than the past. You have already been through the worst part of a difficult drama. Your current struggle may provoke irksome or upsetting, but you will be able to go beyond it this week, and able, too, to start seeing what it has all been in aid of- and why this has been so worthwhile. PUT ASIDE YOUR SENSE OF MISPLACED GUILT. FORGET YOUR FEAR WHILE YOUR AT IT. ALL WILL BE FINE'.

Maybe this is where i finally put effort in and work hard and actually embrace recovery, you think?

Have a lovely St Paddy's day :) xx


  1. Sounds like a great horoscope that you just happened upon -- I think it is speaking right to you and that you were meant to read this!

    Take Care sweets!

  2. I agree with Sheena, go with this!
    I love you girl!

  3. Take this horoscope and run (or should I say dance?) with it!
    You can do it!

  4. I really like the way your horoscope was written, especially the bit about telling someone in the middle of a thunderstorm that things will get drier. I guess we just have to be patient and persevere.

    Btw - loved the list you made yesterday of reasons for recovery.

  5. i totally believe in horoscopes!! i loved the last sentence in the reading-- :)

  6. I'm more into astronomy than astrology, but that horoscope contained some great advice! Fear and guilt hold so many people back needlessly, definitely including me. I hope it comes true for you anyway!

  7. THAT'S FOR YOU, Babydoll! Grab hold of recovery NOW and don't look back. It's time :) How effing BRILLIANT, no?!

  8. YUP, EMBRACE RECOVERY- remember that list you wanted to keep moving twords in your last post- keep reminding your self you'll never fufill it without being at full health- keep lovving your elf, NEVER by anymeans use the word "F*T". <3

  9. Hey sweets!

    I know you are really trying to step full into your recovery right now. Visit my blog as there is a Helping Hand waiting for you!